Hoang Chau Temple Festival In Cat Ba

Hoang Chau Temple Festival
Hoang Chau Temple Festival

Hoang Chau is a village of Cat Ba Island; old name is Vang Chau, Hoa phong district, Hai Phong. This is temple worship tutelary spirit Hoang Chau.

In this birthday memory occasion Hoang Chau temple become a cultural activities place. They gather together, respectful carry a thurible, offer sacrifices, to praise luckily, peacefully.

Specially, on 10/6 lunar month, village held two Principal table on which written the name of the dead procession.

Hoang Chau Temple Festival
Hoang Chau Temple Festival

Pinnacle of Hoang Chau festival is Keo Ngua Chien game. It’s very interesting and attract visitor. You have prepared carefully: Horse-drawn carriage is official manner which have fully rein, pink blouse… member of two group is tidy, wear different clothes.

When have command, under the control of combatant, two wood horse move very clever and harmonious.

This really is a fun game with sportsmanship, charming national character that Hoang Chau Cat Hai district also reserves.

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