From Hanoi to Cat Ba island through Ha Long City

Cat Ba island
Cat Ba island

There is the way from Hanoi to Cat Ba through Ha Long city, this way may be a little farther than through Hai Phong. There are 2 options you can choose.

>> From Hai Phong to Cat Ba island

Option 1

From Ha Noi you can take a bus or car to Ha Long city, stopping at Tuan Chau harbor. There are tourist boats to Cat Ba town, taking 4 hours (10 USD).

Tuan Chau harbor
Tuan Chau harbor

Departure time:

  • From Tuan Chau: 13h00
  • From Cat Ba : 8h00

Option 2

Take a car, motor bike or bicycle from Hanoi to Ha Long city, then to Tuan Chau island. There is Tuan Chau ferry to Gia Luan harbor – Cat Ba island, you can drive 30 minutes from Gia Luan harbor to Cat Ba town. The daily ferry so easily as it is operated every 1 hour from 6h00 AM till 18h00 PM. It takes only 45 – 50 minutes per ferry journey.  In the high season it departs in every 30 minutes.

Gia Luan harbor
Gia Luan harbor

The price is very reasonable but satisfaction and security guaranteed:

  • Walker: 70 000 VND = 3 USD
  • Motorbike:  10 000 VND = 0.5 USD
  • Less than 9 pax Van:   100 000 VND = 4.5 USD
  • From 9 pax to 16 pax Van: 350 000 VND = 16 USD