Get to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi with Hoang Long Bus

Hoang Long open bus
Hoang Long open bus


With one combo package ticket, Hoang Long bus will take care all the logistic of your journey from Hanoi to Cat Ba island. The advantage of this package is the pick up at your hotel in Hanoi and transfer to Hai Phong city by share-tourist van (not local public bus) before catching sped boat to Cat Ba town which make your trip more comfortable and faster. For the return way, it will drop you at any hotel in Hanoi. This also aims to avoid taxi scams at local bus station in Hanoi. 

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Location and departure time

Luong Yen Bus Station
Luong Yen Bus Station

You can buy ticket by yourself at: Hoang Long Office inside Luong Yen bus station before the  departure time 10 minutes or you can pay on the bus. It is easy and available. Make sure it is Hoang Long bus (the red bus) because there are some bus companies have a similar name but they do not connect you to Cat Ba town, they only drop you in Hai Phong city. Do not catch the Hoang Long bus to Ha Long city.

Departure time from Hanoi: 5h20, 7h20, 11h20, 13h20

Arrive in Cat Ba: 9h30, 11h30, 15h30, 17h30

The bus departs at: Luong Yen Bus Station, address: 1 Nguyen Khoai str, Hanoi.